Beef Stew Open

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 Tournament Results

                                                  2020 Beef Stew Tournament

                                                      Saturday, October 17, 2020

                                                         9:00 AM  Shotgun Start


   1A    Steve Whitney                   Bill Conley                      Stephen Fay                    

   1B    Vincent Cox                     Gary Pappas                     John Sayles                     

    9     Derek Hall                       Christopher Jewell              Will Smith                       Liz Valicenti


    1     Patrick Mooney                 Matt Bennett                     Ron Melchionda                Paul Fortin

    2     Michael Langley                Phillip Walker                   Zachary Walker                 Andrew Rollins

    3     Joe Murray                      Wyatt Love                      Matthew Swanson               Brian Winne

    4     Peter Guiney                     Andrew Brady                   Bob Chute                       Matt Marra

    5     Barry Culkin                     Deborah Culkin                 Robert Hanley                   Marylee Hanley

    6     Edward Shaw                    Ted Riley                        Janice Shaw                      Denise Cooke

    7     Mike Daniels                    Kevin Shea                      Michael Ciummei               Jason Fancy

   8A    Tim Townsell                    Taylor Kupsc                    Brian Ahl                         Bill Moore

   8B    Bryan Goodwin                 Morgan Jacobson               Tim O'Brien                      Jonathan Sullivan

    9     Jay Chaudhry                    Vijay Basani                     Chadi Chahine                   Michelle Dichiara


Beef Stew Tournament

Date:                Saturday, October 17

Time:                9:00 am Shotgun

Format:            Bramble/1 Net Better Ball of 4 - Pick your own foursome of members

  Please include member's name/partners in the registration notes

  The golf shop will pair non foursome registrations

Handicap:        50%

Tees:                Men - Blue Markers        Women - Red

Price:                $65 pp includes lunch and prizes

Request Information Today We Look Forward To Hearing From You