Fall Member - Member (Women's Flights)

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8:30 am


2019 Results

Ladies 1st Flight Winners

1st Place- Sarah Jankowski & Susan Drea

2nd Place- Agnes Rogan & Nancy Davids

 Ladies 2nd Flight Winners

1st Place- Linda Poldoian & Brenda McAuliffe

2nd Place- Janice Shaw & Nancy Gallagher

First Flight Winners

1st Place- Rob Beattie & Brendan Carr

2nd Place- Bryan Hunt & John Richard

Second Flight Winners

1st Place- Kurt Goetjen & Kevin O'Hara

2nd Place- Tim O'Brien & Bryan Goodwin

Third Flight Winners

1st Place- Bill Moore & Tim Townsell

2nd Place- David Murphy & Bob Hanley

Fourth Flight Winners

1st Place- Luke Hartson & Justin Gilmartin

2nd Place – John Bluestein & Margret Bell

Fifth Flight Winners

1st Place- Jeff Gordon & Jack Cronin

2nd Place- Rizwan Malik & Michael Parikh

 Sixth Flight Winners

1st Place- Bret Kelly & Jason Smith

2nd Place- Brian Ahl & Lucas Fehsenfeld

Seventh Flight Winners

1st Place- Ejaz Chaudhry & Vijay Basani

2nd Place- Chadi Chahine & Pat Mulligan

Eighth Flight Winners

1st Place- Ed Shaw & Ted Riley

2nd Place- Rob Clodi & Paul McEachern


Kurt Goejen & Kevin O'Hara

**Shootout Winners**


*1st Place - $125 ea.  2nd Place - $95 ea.


2019 Fall Member-Member Flights  

Fall Member – Member - Women's Flights

Date:                Sat. & Sun. Sept. 21 & 22

Time:                8:30 am Shotgun both days

Format:             Four Ball Match Play. 

Teams will be broken into flights according to combined handicaps/tee box play and a separate flight for teams that consist of 2 women.  Tournament will be played at 80% handicap

Women flight(s) play from Red Markers

The format will consist of 27 holes on Saturday and 18 holes on Sunday.  Each of the five 9-hole matches will be played against another team from your flight.  Each hole in each match will be worth 1 point.  The team with the most points at the end of the 5 matches will be declared the flight champion. The winners of each flight is the team with the most overall points and will compete in a shoot-out on Granite #9 to determine the overall event champion. The shoot-out will be the combined score of the 2 players playing Granite #9 as a par 3. The distance of the Par 3 will be determined by individual handicap with the higher handicaps hitting from closer and the lower handicaps hitting from further away.  If two teams tie for 1st Place in a Flight: Winner will be determined by the teams match. In the event the match was a tie, the teams will play a sudden death playoff on Granite #9 to determine a winner. Granite 9 will played as a normal Par 4 with handicap strokes applied.

Maximum Strokes per nine hole match is 7 for all flights,

Registration: To ensure an even number of flights, registration will be monitored.  Your entry into the tournament will be confirmed by email. Please include your partners name in the note section of registration.

Price:                $90 pp includes lunch both days and prizes.

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