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8:30 am - 8:50 am


Pink Ball Special

Each team will be awarded a sleeve of pink balls at the start of the match.  One pink ball is to be played by a different member of the 3-some / 4-some per hole.   Each member of the group has to be in the rotation playing the pink ball instead of her own ball for that hole.  The group can decide the order on the first few holes, but then that order sticks through the whole round of 18.  Also if it is my turn to play the pink ball - I have to play it all the way until I hole it out, unless the pink ball is lost, in which case, the team can put the next pink ball in play on the NEXT hole, and the golfer can finish the current hole with a ball of her choosing.  I.e. only 1 pink ball can be lost on a hole.  

The prize will be awarded to the team based on:
The sum of the GROSS score on the pink ball.  (Max of 9 on any hole)
Less 1 stroke for returning with 1 pink ball or
Less 3 strokes for returning with 2 pink balls or
Less 5 strokes for returning with ALL 3 pink balls

If a team loses the entire sleeve of pink balls, unfortunately they will not be in the running for the prize.

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