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Ben Watson Announces Super Bowl Ticket Raffle

Jan 24, 2008

'One More' for Watson

Posted by Mike Reiss, Globe Staff January 23, 2008 11:54 AM

QUINCY – Tight end Benjamin Watson held a press conference this morning at Granite Links Golf Club in Quincy to announce the start of his charitable foundation “One More.”

As part of the launch of the foundation, the Watsons are raffling off a pair of Super Bowl tickets (www.netraffle.org).

Watson and his wife Kirsten explained the mission of his foundation to reporters. Several television stations were present, as well as newspaper writers

“The idea is to promote that you can help one more person,” Kirsten Watson told reporters. “It’s something that everyone can be a part of.”

“It’s simply giving, taking what you have and passing it on to somebody else,” Benjamin Watson said. “It can be raising canned goods to give to a shelter, money, or time spent with someone.”

Benjamin Watson noted that “One More” was started because “Kirsten and I wanted to give back and share what Christ has given to us and blessed us so much with – not just material things but the love and hope that Christ gives to people who don’t have hope. Our whole goal was to pass that on to people by meeting their needs, whether it be clothing or food or medical needs, and also by promoting education.”

From a football perspective, Benjamin Watson said he was looking forward to returning to Gillette Stadium for practice tomorrow. He told reporters he’d answer all football-specific comments tomorrow.

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